This is taken from "Akashic Records: Case Studies" - the chapter on the Individual Past Lives. Most of this is a transcription of a long-distance past life reading.  The client sent a photo of herself so Lois could connect by looking into her eyes in the photo. From four to six past lives are covered in each reading. 

Past Life Reading: Denise Brown

The following is the transcription of a recorded long-distance past life session done for Denise Brown, who lives in Nevada. She sent me a photo of herself, and said she wanted to know more about her late husband, who died early due to alcoholism, and her first husband, Ben, and who he was to her in past lives. She also wanted to know if she is on the right path spiritually at this time. That last question is not one that is often addressed by a past life reading, but I was open to clues to that showing up in her reading.

Lois: The first thing I want to do is to clarify why we do past life readings. One major reason is to help us remember things about ourselves that we have forgotten. A reading can explain a lot to us about our personalities, as well. The past lives can explain recurring patterns in the lifetime of a given individual, and they can also explain hidden talents, and inform us of heroic acts from past lives. Knowing these kinds of things can help us understand why we are with certain people, have certain interests, or aversions, and so on. One of the things the reading might also explain experiences we had decided to have during this incarnation for the purpose of learning specific lessons-lessons we might have wanted to master in this lifetime. It may include all of those, or just one or two of them. The reason the reading only covers some of these is that the Guides/Higher Self are taking advantage of this rare opportunity to communicate regarding what it is that only they would know. For example, the information that one most needs to know at the time of any particular reading are covered first.

Now, if you were actually physically in my presence, what I would be doing is having you lie down on my treatment table, face up, and I would be putting my hands underneath your head with my palms on the back of your head. I would be doing this because that is where the portal to your Akashic Records is located; it is in the occipital region of the brain. The palms of our hands have mini-chakras in them, which function like eyes. If you have ever seen any of those Tibetan Thangka paintings you might have noticed that there are eyeballs in the palms of the hands and feet of the gods and goddesses. This is due to the fact that Tibetans also actually practice shamanism. Especially the Bon sect, they still practice shamanism in concert with Buddhism. These paintings show the eyes in the palms because these people have the memory and the understanding that the chakras in the palms of the hands and the palms of the feet function like eyes. We can put them onto people, and then see inside their bodies. (Pause)

So now I am doing that. Using a remote viewing technique, I am placing my hands on the back of your head. I have you in my treatment room in the inner planes on my treatment table. Now, as I do this reading, in between the lifetimes there will be long pauses. I will cut those out. I will pause this digital recorder that I am holding. I do this so you do not have to listen to long silent pauses while I begin to view the next lifetime. (Pause)

In the first lifetime I am seeing, you are a man in the era of... in what looks like the 1300s or maybe the 1200s. You are a British soldier mounted on horseback and you are fighting, trying to quell an insurrection by the Scottish people who are under British rule at that time. You are fighting against the rag-tag army of William Wallace. You are emotionally torn about the war, as many soldiers are. You are quite conflicted because there is a deep place inside you that does not believe in war. What is more, this part of you especially does not believe in using superior wealth and military might to take away money and freedom from other human beings. You have a sense that people have a right to support their families and live in freedom and govern themselves. You were not actually raised that way, but deep down inside, you knew it was probably true.

So after killing a few people you just could not take it any longer, and you stopped fighting, hoping that others would as well. However, immediately you were knocked off your horse and run through with a sword. The man who killed you was extremely puzzled, because you put up no resistance. From your Soul's point of view, that was an act of heroism. So it is a bright and shining star in your crown as a Soul. The decision not to fight anymore and to allow it to end - at a Soul level is viewed as heroic. This is because you were not a married man, and you were not leaving a wife and children behind. Your refusal to participate in fighting was the only way you could see to get out of this particular situation. You hoped to be an example, and that everyone would do the same, so it is not considered a suicide.

Having been conscripted into the military for a very long time, against your will, you saw no other honorable way out. The only way to avoid killing people you thought had a right to do what it was they were fighting for the opportunity to do, was to stop fighting. That is called doing the right thing from the higher perspective of the Soul. (Pause)

In the next lifetime I am seeing you are a female. You are located around what would now be the border between Italy and France.

I am seeing a field of lavender, and this belongs to the family. Your family business was that you grew lavender for the purpose of distilling out the essential oil to be used as medicines and as perfumes. This is a vast, fragrant and lovely field of lavender. I see you as a young woman loving the Earth, loving the flowers and walking along with your arms outstretched, breathing in the wonderful scent, looking up at the clouds almost in a mesmerized trance; a rapturous state. Suddenly you stepped on a snake, and it bit you, and you were all alone out there. Snakes were pretty rare there, but it was warm and one had come out to sun itself. Because you were alone and in a moment of intense joy, you suddenly shifted gears and were shocked into terror. Your heart beat much faster and the snake's venom killed you rather quickly. As you lay there dying you drew an incorrect conclusion. You decided that it is not safe to let go and get into a rapturous trance; it is not safe to let go and just be in the moment and enjoy yourself, it is not safe to experience joy or bliss. None of those things were seen as safe because at that moment, you could be attacked from out of nowhere. Therefore, on the Soul level, you have some resistance, whether it is conscious in this lifetime or not--you have a resistance to going off into a trance in meditation for example. There is a great deal of anxiety at the thought of just letting go. It might even translate to the intensity of orgasm might elude you, or there might be anxiety if you allow yourself to let go, like, "Uh-oh. What dire event is it that could happen if I just let loose and surrender in this moment?"

What you need to know, from the vantage point of what your Higher Self hopes that you learn from listening to this, is that it was just time for you to leave the Earth plane when the snake bit you. It simply was a quick way for you to leave. You had accomplished everything you intended to in that lifetime and your early demise as a teenage girl brought lessons to the family. This was an agreed upon event prior to incarnating, and it was in the timing that was agreed upon prior to incarnating. Yet at the moment it happened, your personality resisted. Consequently, this negative experience was imprinted on the Soul. What is hoped as you integrate this past life, whether it takes weeks or months to integrate all these past lives, is that you will gain the understanding that everything happens for a reason, whether we can see it in the moment or not. Many times things were agreed upon before we came to the Earth plane, and we cannot recall them at the time. It is hoped that you will come to see again that it is safe to go into a trance. It is safe to let go and feel intense, deep joy or complete abandon and pleasure. That is all we are to see and learn from this lifetime in the lavender fields. (Pause)

I am seeing the next lifetime now. I see you in Atlantis as a medium-build, muscular male with reddish hair, working in some kind of factory which manufactured metal parts that had to do with some sort of machines that make war. They do this through creating discordant vibration. This is a technology with which I am not familiar. We do not have anything similar to it. You were like a spy or mole of some kind. You were sent there by another organization and the organization you worked for had vetted you carefully, and thought you were on their side. And in fact, they would send you to spy on the other side. Yet you were really representing the other side. When you were manufacturing these metal parts, you were quite clever about changing the tolerance of the metal so when it gave off the vibration, it only disrupted people's thought patterns instead of driving them insane, which is what these vibrations were supposed to do. It was a form of warfare that attacked the minds of the enemy. You could not render these machines completely useless, but you could render them only slightly harmful instead of devastatingly harmful.

You spent many years undercover there working very hard behind the scenes on behalf of humanity, successfully undermining the efficacy of these machines of war. Eventually you were found out, and you were scheduled to be executed, but a woman posing as your girlfriend came into the compound where you were being held. She slipped to you an instrument that allowed you to escape. Again, the technology utilized vibrating metal in such a way that whatever was locking you in was released. You could create frequencies that opened locks. You did manage to escape, and you were just dumbfounded that this escape was actually pulled off successfully. You thought you were going to be executed. There you were prepared for death, and then you managed to get away. Your rescuers were waiting outside for you with a disguise, and you were whisked away to a very far off land.

You were taken to a place where there was a group of people taking crystals to a specific cave the United States, and they were hiding a lot of highly sophisticated crystal technology. In fact, they left some of their transport vehicles there. These transport vehicles could change in vibrational frequency and move through rock as though it were water. They are still inside that cave somewhere. So are all the crystals. Anyway, that is where you retreated, and no one could find you, because no one in the government in Atlantis knew about this secret location. Those who did were some of the priests who were trying to save part of the culture, because they knew there were serious problems, and that Atlantis was about to suffer a great loss.

Again, you exhibited a lifetime of heroism, but as a spy. Only this time you got to survive it, and you went on to do your work far into old age. You died of natural causes. Of course, the purpose of knowing about this lifetime is to know that you are capable of working on the side of the good no matter what the cost in personal terms, on the side of that which is right. You are able to sacrifice yourself if necessary. In that lifetime you were able to do that, and yet escape the clutches of the dark forces.

Just as I was prepared to look at the next lifetime, what I saw was the person who helped you escape from jail, who posed as your girlfriend, did go on to the secret cave with you. And in this current lifetime, this same Soul incarnated as your husband who passed over from alcohol. In the prior mentioned lifetime you eventually became a couple. You happily spent your old age together.

I got a little flash of several lifetimes that you had with your first husband, and that there has been a lot of conflict in those past lives. The general theme of most of them has been that he took advantage of you in some way. You loved him unconditionally, and he took advantage of you. He was not telling you the truth about everything. (Pause)

In this next lifetime I am seeing that you were in Egypt but there was a sort of tropical feel to it. This must have been a very long time ago in what is now Egypt. You worked as an attendant at this temple. There was a body of water in which lived some amphibious beings from the star system, Sirius. They are human from the waist up and fish from the waist down. You can see images of them in the ancient artworks; they are depicted in various ways like on pots and bas reliefs, that sort of thing. There were many different races from Sirius, but this is the primary one that came to Egypt. And they lived in the water which surrounded the Sphinx back in those days. You were one of their attendants, and that was considered an enormous honor. These Sirians came to educate the people of Egypt, and they did transmit a lot of really important information before they all went back to Sirius.

In the next scene what I am seeing is a man who was your first husband in this lifetime, who came from far away and was unusually handsome. This is one of his patterns. He comes in, and he is extremely attractive in some way either personality-wise, or physically amazing, or something like that. He doggedly pursued and seduced you in this Egyptian lifetime, and his purpose was to make contact with these Sirian beings you were serving. There were people from far away-and he was sent from a different Earth locale far away from yours. This group wanted to destroy these beings from Sirius, because they thought the Sirians were giving your culture an unfair advantage over everybody else on Earth. They feared that you would be dominating them. They were projecting onto your culture what they would do if they were in the same position of power that these beings from another star system seemed to be giving you...

End of sample...

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